Mezzave Meat Boutique

How Did It All Start?

I met my true love of food in the alleys of Rome, where I first encountered the traditional Italian art of charcuterie. It was love at first sight! I decided to bring all the culinary goodness in the world together in one place, Mezzave Food Boutique!

After studying the art of charcuterie, I started making artisanal, handcrafted sausages and smoked meats, using only the meat, without any additives. I have gotten to know and learned to appreciate the quality of raw materials found around the world and simply turned my love into my profession!

Our Meats

All our meats are handmade from fresh, high quality, prime, unprocessed meat! Our charcuterie is handcrafted from fresh beef, poultry and lamb that undergoes a globally inspired, traditional and unique preparation process.

All our meats are suitable for the Paleo diet as they are made from 100% meat and fat!

  • Corned Beef  Made in a traditional method originating in the USA.
  • Beef Ribs – A juicy, fatty cut that undergoes a process of cold smoking, which enhances its meaty taste and adds a smoky flavour.
  • Lamb Bacon – Cured, cold smoked, off the bone lamb breast.
  • Turkey Breast – Smoked, caramelized in silan (date syrup) and seasoned with hot chili.
  • Smoked Goose – Made from goose breast, leg and fat, hot smoked together.
  • Goose Breast – A big favourite with fans of the genre, the entire cut is cold smoked and cooked sous vide.
  • Veal Shoulder – This shoulder cut goes through a process of long curing and sous vide cooking.
  • Jerusalem Mix – Chicken breast, thigh and spleen with onion and spices (Paleo). Just chuck in a pan with some olive oil and kaboom!
  • Spring Chicken Shawarma – Layers of lamb fat and spring chicken with spices (Paleo). Chuck in a hot pan without any oil, the meat will crumble and turn into shawarma, just like in Istanbul!
  • Lamb Gyros –Layers and layers of lamb shoulder, neck and fat; beef, minced beef and spices (Paleo).
  • Filling for Arayes – Minced veal, lamb fat, onion and parsley ground with spices (Paleo). Just fill half a pitta bread with this filling and toss it on the grill. What a dream product!
  • Goose Breast Skewers – Goose Breast Skewers.
  • Roast Beef – Made from a shoulder cut, baked in a Neapolitan wood oven.
  • Pepperoni Salami – Made from veal meat and fat. With the addition of pure English peppercorn.
  • Cervelat Salami – Made from veal meat and fat, aged and dried in a traditional Italian technique.
  • Flower Salami – Named after its shape, made from turkey and veal meat with goose fat
  • Turkey Kabanos – Made from turkey and veal meat and goose fat, aged, smoked and dried in a traditional Italian technique.
  • Veal Kabanos – Made from veal meat and lamb fat, aged, smoked and dried in a traditional Italian technique.
  • Smoked Asado – Simply a boneless asado cut.
  • Whole chicken – Hot smoked, incredibly juicy whole chicken.

* The selection of meats changes weekly. The meat menu changes according to the freshness of the local beef.

Production Process

All our meats are made from fresh, high quality, prime, unprocessed meat. The meat first undergoes a curing or fermenting process for several days, without any unnecessary additives. Then, it is smoked – either hot or cold – or cooked sous vide. Sous vide means cooking at a uniform temperature under a vacuum for a long time. That way the meat retains its shape and colour and does not lose its intense flavour, so no extra flavourings are needed. All meats are suitable for the Paleo diet as they are made from 100% meat and fat!

Our Sandwiches

Our sandwiches are made with our finest meats, sourdough breads that are baked especially for us and our variety of spreads, fresh vegetables and pickles. We serve our sandwiches hot and in three sizes ranging from 100 to 200 grams of meat.

The Deli

In our deli you will find a wide range of products for your home pantry. We have carefully hand-picked products from countries all over the world, from the unique pastas of Italy, through special oils from Spain, olives from Greece and boutique wines from wineries across France. Many of the products in our deli are suitable for the Paleo diet.