Welcome to Paleo

Palaeolithic nutrition is the healthiest nutrition out there. That’s because it fits your genetics perfectly!

Through the Paleo diet and lifestyle your health and quality of life can improve miraculously!

  • Your fatigue will disappear and you will be full of energy.
  • Your sleep will improve and the stress in your life will decrease.
  • Your mood will improve.
  • Your brain will become sharper.
  • Your flexibility, fitness level and strength will improve.
  • Many diseases will disappear and your need for chronic medication will decrease.
  • You’ll even reach your desired weight.

What is Paleo?

The name Paleo is an abbreviation of the Palaeolithic Period, also called the Stone Age, which lasted from about two and a half million years ago until about ten thousand years ago, with the start of the agricultural revolution.

Throughout this period, humans lived in communities of hunters and gatherers.

Why Do We Care What the Ancient People Ate?

Genetics change slowly. For millions of years our body and digestive system have become accustomed to particular foods, to which we are adapted. In the ten thousand years since the agricultural revolution, our genetics have barely changed. So in fact, even though we are highly modern people in a post-agricultural society, our bodies still have the genetics of hunters and gatherers. Thus, even today the optimal diet for us is similar to that of the ancient people.

What Did the Ancient People Eat?

Very simple. The ancient people ate all the food that was around them. They ate animal meat, and always tried to eat the largest and fattest animals they could catch. They ate edible vegetables and leaves, starchy roots, and fruit and nuts whenever they found them.

Without exception, all the hunter-gatherer communities discovered throughout the world shared this diet, depending of course on their locational diversity – proximity to the sea, desert, jungle, tundra, etc.

However, no less important than what the ancient people ate, is what they didn’t eat.

The ancient people did not eat seed oils like corn, canola and soy. They didn’t eat sugars. They didn’t eat industrially processed food. They also didn’t eat, or ate very little and rarely, grains, legumes or pulses of any kind.

To sum up the Paleo diet in a single sentence: If the ancient people did not eat it, we are not supposed to eat it.